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Unsalted : A Great Lakes Experience

If you think surfing in Washington state is miserable, check out the video below about a group of dedicated surfers who ride the waves of the Great Lakes.

At least we're lucky to have the ocean.

Unlike ocean waves, Great Lakes waves are generally smaller, less powerful, have shorter wave periods (the interval between waves) and less consistent than ocean waves. Not to mention lake waves are commonly created during vicious storms.

Lake surfers are often out during and experiencing the same storm that creates the waves whereas ocean surfers are more often surfing on swell produced by storms hundreds of miles away and that may have taken days to reach shore. In addition to making it more difficult to manage surfboards, high winds can make the face of a wave and water surface rough. Increased wave frequency due to shorter fetch results in less rest between waves and sets of waves.

On the "positive side", lake surfers enjoy water that is fresh ("sweet/unsalted" as opposed to salty) and do not have to worry about the dangers from marine life (e.g. sharks, jellyfish, etc.) that ocean surfers may have to contend with.

"Unsalted" one part obsession one part addiction and an unending quest for adventure makes Great Lakes surfers a truly rare breed. Add 40-knot winds 10 foot-waves and frigid temperatures to a stormy freshwater sea and they'll tell you it's a recipe for fun. Join Filmmaker and surfer Vince Deur on a road trip around 5 Great Lakes to meet the surfers who have made surfing these stormy waters a way of life for over 40 years.

If you like this, check out another video of surfing in Minnesota during blizzard in winter 2012 - link

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