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KiteWing - An Awesome Toy For All Board Sports

Kitewing SK8 Ice & Snow Sail

If you've been following this blog, you know that being ExtraHyperActive, I love all types of boards sports : snowboarding, surfing, longboarding, windsurfing, skimboarding... You also know that a few years ago I started doing kiteboarding and kite landboarding. All these boardsports are extremely fun, and offer something for everyone. But I never stop looking for more ways to challenge myself, have fun, and create unforgettable experiences !

Recently I came came across a pretty awesome toy that can be used with any board, and more !

Kitewing SK8 Ice & Snow Sail

Kitewing (aka Skimbat) is a wing shaped kite. Many people call it “the wing” for short, just because of its shape.

Kitewing is a hand-held, high-performance wing sail originally designed for ice and snow that has since become a versatile tool for many applications. Kitewings are used on frozen lakes, open terrain and parking lots with a wide variety of equipment. Once known as the Skimbat, the Kitewing is a popular method of harnessing wind for pure enjoyment.

To me, it reminds more of a windsurfing sail. But unlike a windsurfing sail, kitewing is not attached to your board. And unlike kiteboarding kites, a kitewing has no lines, no control bar and is extremely responsive, allowing you to safely master the wind and push your skills to new heights.

Because kitewing is held directly in the hands of the user, it provides greater control, stability and depower when compared to a traditional power kite. In addition a kitewing does not have lines to tangle, and can be manoeuvred easily to perform a wide variety of tricks, turns and fast speeds.

In the correct wind conditions an experienced rider can reach speeds up to 56mph (90 km/hour), while the very experienced can perform controlled jumps of up to 500 meters (on declining terrain).

Personally, I really love this awesome toy ! 

Unlike a windsurfing sail or a kite, you won't spend too much time rigging it up and taking it down. It's very compact, and will fit into any small vehicle. When you're finished, just fold it up, place it in the included lightweight bag, and you'll be ready to go.

Because it's hand-held, it's very responsive, and you have complete control of the movement. When things get hairy, just lower ( or drop ) the wing to com to a complete stop. Unlike a power kite, you won't have to worry about the kitewing flying away or being dropped on nearby beachgoers or cars, trees, powerlines...

But probably the biggest advantage, the kitewing has, is how easy it is to learn how to use it ! All you need to do is master the art of how to hold the wing above your head, and sail along !

Another advantage of using a kitewing is low wind rage. You can cruise comfortably in 10-15 mph wind.

Another great thing about the Kitewing sails is that they are extremely maneuverable, and can be used in all kinds of places without having to worry about sudden and uncontrollable surges. You can maneuver your way between small places that are covered in trees or even near mountains and snow. Letting you safely master the wind, these sail give you a comfortable flight with total control.

The kitewing can be used with anything that can glide you on low friction surfaces, from pavements to desert sands to beaches. You can use your kitewing with a snowboard, skis, surfboard, mountain board, longboard or a buggy. You can even use it with skates and rollerblades !

Kitewing SK8 Ice & Snow Sail

Kitewing SK8 Ice & Snow Sail

Kitewing SK8 Ice & Snow Sail

Kitewing SK8 Ice & Snow Sail

KiteWing will change the way you ride ! 

Check out my video using Kitewing with Trideck skateboard/longboard :

The cheapest kitewing I found online is  - Kitewing SK8 Ice & Snow Sail for $329

According to the description :
Kitewing SK8 is the most affordable hand-held ice and snow sail ever. The lightweight Kitewing SK8 has a 1.8 square meter sail area, and it's the only wing that can be disassembled and packed into a bag that's small enough to carry on your back. When the breeze comes up, unpack it from its bag and set it up in just 60 seconds.

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