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Railz Snow Scooter

Railz snow scooter is an awesome snow toy for kids, and adults ! Great snow fun for the entire family to have fun, exercise and enjoy the winter, outdoors !

Railz Snow Scooter


  • Ages 5+ 
  • Rider weight up to 200lbs 
  • Adjustable handle-bar : 26 – 30″ 
  • Deck length: 15″ 
  • Snow brake included 
  • Folds quick and easy 
  • Tools included, some assembly required
A RAILZ Snow scooter is a traditional aluminum scooter but with the revolutionary patented skis instead of wheels. There are many scooter type snow products, but none that carve and track like you are riding on pavement, RAILZ snowscooters do !

The snow scooter skis included, and are designed to turn and carve on snow exactly like a wheeled scooter does on pavement, and the Sure-Stop snow brake allows you to slow and stop with confidence.

RAILZ Scooters are the best scooters in the world !

Here are just a few Railz snow scooter reviews from the actual customers :

"My son loves it. Works well where I live with a bunch of hills."

"Bought for our 10 year old grandson, he loves it. Took it with him on family ski trip, It was a popular source of conversation."

"My grandson seems to be enjoying it. He found that a sledding area with packed down snow was the best to ride on."

Read more customer reviews here...

After giving it a try, we also think that Railz snow scooter is one of the best snow scooters on the market !

Railz snow scooter - best snow scooter on the market

We took the snow scooter to our favorite ski area in Washington - Alpental. Its steep slopes were ideal for this fun little snow toy. Light, maneuverable, and durable the scooter worked great for both of us !

Snow scooter use : you can ride snow scooters at most ski resorts around U.S. as long as you use a leash attached between yourself and the snow scooter... BUT... make sure you check the local ski area rules first !

snow scooter riding at Alpental, WA

railz snow scooter review

snow scooter for adults

Check out our short Railz snow scooter video on Youtube !
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Railz Snow Scooter on Amazon goes for ~$69.99 and we think it's a great snow scooter price for this type of the product.

Just keep in mind !

This is NOT a pro snow scooter model !

The difference between a recreational scooter and pro scooter is that the recreational scooter is more of a traditional folding kick scooter built with traditional materials. The pro scooter does not fold, it bolts together, and is built with rugged materials to withstand more aggressive (professional) riding techniques and larger riders.

Also keep in mind that Railz snow scooters come in different sizes :

  • Youth
  • Adult
  • BD-5.0
  • BD-6.0

According to the sizes, snow scooter price will vary...

All in all, Railz snow scooter is a great snow toy to add to your collection !

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