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RV-ing Just Got A Whole New Meaning

bike camperRecreational vehicles  ( RV, travel trailer, camper, fifth wheel...) offer a great, affordable way to travel, vacation, and live-in. On the downside, RVs have pretty high maintenance and gas expenses, limited storage space, minimum privacy ( if you live in RV park), not to mention the whole "carbon footprint" and " environmental impact " those gas-guzzling monsters leave as they trail through nature.

For those "environmentally conscious " nomads, let me introduce you to ... not exactly sure what to call them : camper bike, bike motorhome, bike trailer house ?

Completely human powered, about half the size of a normal cab-over camper, and completely emission free, the Camper Bike is designed by Boston-based artist Kevin Cyr. The Camper Bike is both a fully functioning RV and the subject of a number of Cyr’s amazing paintings.

Brian Campbell lives in Portland, Oregon in this “mortorhome”. He literally lives in it. Brian is homeless, and after years of living on the street , he decided to solve his homeless problem by inventing and building his own home.

Designed by Casey Wong, a Hong Kong based designer, this house was his way to combat the rising prices of homes. It has a door, a writing desk and a fold out bed.

So, whether you want to live the nomadic lifestyle or just can't pay rent, these RV bikes offe a great alternative !
Bike camper trend is still relatively new, but it's growing in popularity among modern day "adventure-preneurs", "freedom-preneurs", "digital nomads", and bike enthusiasts...

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