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The Best Surf Towns In America - Westport, WA

The beauty of great surf towns is that they combine great waves with a laid-back beach atmosphere.

The West Coast is dotted with dozens of diverse and attractive surf towns. While California and Hawaii remain the most popular surfing destinations, their PNW neighbors - Oregon and Washington - are gaining popularity and respect among the more hard core crowd of cold water surfers.

Wesport's Westheaven State Park is probably the  most popular surfing destination in Washington state.

Proximity to Seattle, affordable accommodations, quirky little shops, and, of course, abundance of fun and outdoorsy things to do, make Westport a popular year round tourist destination in Washington state.

Even if you're not into surfing, Westport has lot's of adventures to choose from !

From beach combing and deep sea fishing, to camping, hiking, biking, and kayaking one can always find a suitable way to enjoy this little coast town.

While the town itself is pretty small, it' still fun to explore !

Take a stroll along the scenic boardwalk facing the harbor. Fishermen and sightseers frequently visit this attraction. You can watch boats enter and exit the Westport Marina right next to you. Also, at the dock area, Westport has a small aquarium which displays many of the different fish that live off of our coast. Many little shops and antique stores offer beach themed souvenirs and presents to remember your visit.

Built in 1939, The Westport Maritime Museum showcases exhibits on the maritime history of the South Beach. Natural history exhibits include beach erosion, currents, beach combing, ocean, and marine mammals, two outdoor exhibits on the grounds feature skeletons of sea mammals, a scale-model of the former Coast Guard station, and a knot-tying display.

Whether it's a sunny afternoon or a bitter winter storm - views from the Westport viewing tower are worth the short climb. It's also a popular place to sight whales and sea birds.

The Grays Harbor Lighthouse is one thing that you need to see when you are in Westport. It is a very tall lighthouse, and has a rich history.

There are several seafood markets in Westport for you to buy fresh seafood from including the Seafood Connection. You can also buy seafood off the docks at various times of the year.

One of our favorite places in Westport is Todd Fischer's surf art gallery. The gallery showcases beautiful watercolor paintings inspired by surfing, the power of the ocean, and the surrounding environment.

Coast Guard Lifeboat  is dedicated to its crew who gave their lives on a rescue mission. The Coast Guard's 36 foot motor lifeboat has been preserved and immortalized for you to see. It is dedicated to the four men who gave their lives on a rescue mission. It is kept on the grounds of the Coast Guard station and has a parking lot nearby.

Westport Winery is the westernmost winery in the state of Washington. Grays Harbor’s first winery and vineyard welcomes visitors daily to sample over thirty wines and ciders. Their gift shop is known for its incredible selection of gourmet food, apparel, books, and gifts. The winery’s Farm to Fork restaurant is open for lunch daily, and their fresh, local, healthy, homemade food is simply the best and was voted one of Western Washington’s top ten new restaurants in 2011.

All in all, a trip to the beach is always a good idea ! Whether you're planning a day trip or want to spend the whole weekend, Westport is always a sure bet to have a fun and memorable adventure in Washington state. 

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