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Ride In An Underground Mountain Biking Park In Kentucky

Washington state is a great place to be a mountain biker. With thousands of miles of single track, and numerous mountain bike parks, our state deserves to be called "The Mountain Biking Mecca of Pacific Northwest".

From Stevens Pass mountain bike park ( which is only second after Whistler's ) to a unique urban settings of Colonnade, Washington has a lot to offer to its local riders and the visitors alike.

Yet, Louisville, Kentucky, beat us to something exceptionally extreme and mind blowing - a man-made, underground 320,000 square feet Mega Cavern BMX and mountain biking park !

The Mega Cavern is a man-made, underground limestone quarry active from the 1930s to the 1970s at 1841 Taylor Avenue. The massive space encompasses some four million square feet of tunnels under the Louisville Zoo and all ten lanes of the Watterson Expressway. That space has been converted to a variety of uses including an underground zip line, an underground aerial ropes course, ageologic history tram, and events space.

The Mega Cavern’s bike course will be the nation’s largest underground bike venue when it opens in late January. Over 40 trails will take up 320,000 square feet and will offer year-round cycling at a constant 58 degrees.

As Mega Caverns owner Jim Lowry says: "We are being told that Louisville will be a mecca of mountain bike parks in the United States," adds Lowry, "there will be nowhere else in the country where a hundred miles of bike park trails will be located."

Never been to Kentucky, and , honestly, not sure about it being "a mecca of mountain bike parks in the United States", but I'd definitely love to check out the park !

Check out the video below to get the preview of what it would be like riding in the underground bike park :

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