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Long Beach Peninsula: surfing, biking, camping

This was my first trip to the Long Beach Peninsula, and now, it has become my favorite coastal destination in our state. I found a whole lot more to do here than at other small coastal towns like Ocean Shores or Westport. It is a perfect vocation destination for families and outdoor enthusiasts.

My original plan was to check out local surfing scene here. Though, recognized as one of the longest and most drivable beaches in the United States, it's not that easy to find a good break. A few places I heard about are : Seaview , Klipsan Beach, and Leadbetter State Park. Surf conditions are the same as at Ocean Shores - small, foamy , but consistent waves. Dangerous rips are a hazard of surfing here, so I wouldn't go any deeper than waist high. If you are a beginner, a local area surf shop Skookum Surf Co. offers premium surf lessons, and surf gear rentals.

Since recently, on every trip I go, I take my bike with me. I found it to be easier, healthier, more fun ( and you save on gas ! ) to discover visiting area by bike.

One feature that completely blew my mind here was the Discovery Trail.

This 8.2 mile trail stretches from the northern city limits of Long Beach and goes all the way to Ilwaco ( a small fishermen town, also known as " Fishing Capital of the World " ). This is the best leisure biking trail I've ridden so far ! The trail is paved, relatively flat, and the scenery is amazing ( with the ocean just a few feet away ) !

Cape Disappointment State Park is the most visited park in the Washington State Parks system. The park's most famous and visited landmarks are two lighthouses ( North Head Lighthouse and Cape Disappointment Lighthouse ) and Lewis & Clark Interpretive Center. A Lighthouse Keepers Residence is now offered as a vacation rental through Cape Disappointment State Park. Fronted by the Pacific Ocean, the park offers breathtaking ocean views, great camping ( tent, RV and yurts ) and it's only minutes away from Long Beach. The park links a few short hikes ( I did Westwind Trail, which gets wet and muddy when it rains and really unpleasant to hike ).

All in all, I had a great first impression from this area. Besides the activities that I've listed, there is something to do for everybody : horseback riding, kiting, fishing, paddling, clamming ( something that I haven't tried yet :)...

The Long Beach Peninsula is remarkable for its continuous sand beaches and dotted with many small towns along the way, so if you can't find what you are looking for in one town, you can always just go to another one. Once in Seaview, stop by local Visitor Bureau ( Intersection of Highways 101 and 103 ) to get more detailed information.

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