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Surfing In Washington : Kids Have Fun In Cold Water

While thoughts of surfing may evoke summertime and warm, sandy beaches, there also exists an entirely separate sect of surfers who brave freezing temperatures to catch waves on frigid waters.

Washington is not Hawaii, and though, surfing remains an outdoor activity for a very dedicated and tight group of people, the sport is growing in popularity !

A new generation of surfers brave cold water, gusty winds, and pouring rain to get stoked catching mushy waves at the popular Wesport's Westheaven State Park, Washington most popular surfing destination.

As I wrote in my previous posts, the best way to introduce your kids to surfing is to do it in some place warm. But if your kid is brave/crazy enough to surf in the cold waters of Pacific Ocean, you know you have a life-long surfer on your hands.

My son celebrated his 7th birthday by learning how surf in the most miserable conditions one can only imagine. Yet, the smile on his face told me he had the time of his life !

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