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Surfing The Wave Pool In Dubai

Pretty soon surfing will be possible anywhere !

The era of the artificial wave is coming. Nearly monthly, the progress toward perfect artificial waves is being made. Surf pools and surf parks are being installed everywhere; from Asia to North America.

Below is a pretty cool video of one of such surf pools in Dubai.

Dubai is truly a “one of a kind” place which could be best described as a bizarre mix of Las Vegas, Mecca and Hong Kong. Surfing in the Persian Gulf can offer really nice mellow waves from November to April, but the swell is unfortunately quite inconsistent.

Besides hosting the tallest building in the world  and shopping malls with indoor ski slopes, there is now a wonder also for water adrenaline junkies. Wadi Adventure has built an adventure park with artificial white water rafting and surfing in the middle of the desert. Every 90th Second a wave is pumped out from the gigantic pressure machine, creating a wave of up to 3 meter.
The Wadi Adventure wave pool is set against a stunning rocky mountain backdrop in an isolated edge of the city of Al Ain in the United Arab Emirate of Abu Dhabi. An unusual location for surf, not Australia nor California, but a desert home two hours from the coast.

The waves at the park have lots of power and at the same time a perfect shape over and over again. This means that there is never risk of a close-out or unexpected phenomena’s. Which also means if you did a bad maneuver you can only blame your own surfing skills

Despite their perfection, for me, wave pools will never replace the purity of surfing in the ocean, but I sense that parks like Wadi Adventure aren’t trying to fully take over for mother nature. They’re there for a fun alternative and for when local beaches are flat or unreachable.

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