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What Is Snowbiking ?

I was checking out Hoodoo.com ( Oregon's ski resort ) to find some information about airboarding ( something that I'd like to try one day ), but instead, I came across another fun winter activity that they offer - snowbiking ( or as some call it ski-biking ).

The concept behind the snow bike is not new. I remember seeing snowbikes back in my childhood as a fun alternative to sleds. But till recently, I've never seen snowbikes on local slopes ( probably because Washington is always a step behind in everything fun related ). Since the days of my childhood, snow bikes have been redesigned and rethought.

The snowbike allows you to weave through snow in a fun bicycle-like manner. But instead of wheels, there are skis. Instead of pedals there are footpegs. The rider sits on an extra long seat and steers the bike with the handlebar. So, basically it's a full-suspension mountain bike.

Today, snow bikes go by a variety of names and designs - ski bike, foot ski bike, ski-bob, snow sled. While ski bikes have had inconsistent popularity in the USA, they are quite popular in Europe. They provide an extremely safe alternative to skiing and snowboarding with a minimal learning curve.

According to Hoodoo.com, after just 30-minute lesson you'll be on your way to have a new adventure that should bring new levels of adrenaline ( if you are one of those who seek such things ).

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