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How This 51 Year Old Man Turned His Passion For Skateboarding Into A Profitable Business

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Make money skateboarding

Todd sets himself apart from a lot of business owners because he takes the time to know every person’s name as they walk through the door.

“The one thing we really try to do is connect with the people when they are here,” says Todd.

Todd Huber  has the world’s largest collection of skateboards and estimates its value at around $500,000 (!).
He's also the owner and founder of Skatelab, Simi Valley’s highly accredited indoor skate park and museum.

Electric Longboards For Fun And Commute

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Skateboarding has evolved ! Once only the toys of rowdy teenagers, skateboards have grown up alongside their riders. First in length, when longboarding became a popular outdoor activity for people of all ages. And now, in style, and performance when an electric motor was added !

With electric longboards there is no more pushing and kicking on that longboard to get you around. Electric longboard companies are now creating high-quality, technologically savvy boards that are both eco-friendly, easy to ride and feature new state-of-the-art decks, quiet electric motors with a hand remote-control !