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Electric Longboards For Fun And Commute

Skateboarding has evolved ! Once only the toys of rowdy teenagers, skateboards have grown up alongside their riders. First in length, when longboarding became a popular outdoor activity for people of all ages. And now, in style, and performance when an electric motor was added !

With electric longboards there is no more pushing and kicking on that longboard to get you around. Electric longboard companies are now creating high-quality, technologically savvy boards that are both eco-friendly, easy to ride and feature new state-of-the-art decks, quiet electric motors with a hand remote-control !

Not only they are super fun to ride, they are also perfect for traveling and commuting through congested urban areas !

Although you cannot use them to drop the kids off to school or do your weekly grocery shopping, they’ll do just fine for work commute or getting around campus. Skateboarding/longboarding has become much more than just a recreational activity – it is now a legitimate mode of transport. Electric skateboards can develop a decent speed (20mph on average), with the fastest recorded speed being 55mph (88.5km/h). 

Did I mention electric longboards are environmentally friendly ? They run on clean energy ( lithium iron phosphate battery which, on an 800W unit, can last between 9 and 12 miles (16-20km) on a single charge ), and even  when the battery expires, you can continue riding them like a normal longboard !  And with most brands, the recharge time can be quite short and some skateboards will take only 30 minutes to achieve an 85% recharge.

But first, electric skateboards/longboards will always be about fun !

It’s a way to extend your surf or skate session whenever and wherever you want. The best part is that it doesn’t matter if you surf every day or if you’ve never stepped foot on a skateboard. It doesn’t matter if you’re 15 or 65. Electric skateboards are the perfect way to clear your head or liven up your daily commute. No matter where or how you ride, you're guaranteed to step off the board with a grin on your face !

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