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Love Boardsports ? You'll Love Onewheel Electric Board !

Onewheel is a self-balancing electric board-sport, recreational personal transporter, often described as an electric skateboard/snowboard.

Future Motion OneWheel+ XR
As I wrote in my previous post, I've been thinking about upgrading my longboard to an electric one. Riding a longboard ( or paddling a longboard ) is a lot of fun, and a great workout ! But I think it's more exciting cruising around effortlessly while enjoying the views, and catching surprised looks of bypassers.

There are many benefits of electronic boards :

- you don't have to push
- more control over your speed
- go uphill with minimum effort
- ride farther
- switch back and forth between electric or manual
- it's more fun !

On the flip side, I think that the only disadvantage is that you can't take your electric longboard off road to ride on grass, gravel, mud...

And that's where Onewheel hoverboard comes in play ! It's one of the few truly off-road electric skateboards on the market : 
  • All-terrain capable
  • No remote
  • Average range
  • Nice app
  • Charges quickly
  • Has front/rear lights
  • Fun to ride !
Biggest disadvantage ? The initial learning curve takes a bit of time ( whereas with most other electric skateboards you can just put on a helmet, step on the board, and go ). 

The advantage of this disadvantage :) ? 
It's the challenge of riding the Onewheel that makes it so fun and rewarding once you do figure it out it :)

Another disadvantage ( that we can't beat ) ? 
Onewheel is not cheap - it comes at hefty retail price of $1,899.


 But if you're in a position to drop that kind of money on a fun way to commute and have a blast on the weekends, the Onewheel will certainly deliver !

While many people won't be able to afford it, those who can think it's worth every penny !

In conclusion, if you are willing to shell out the big bucks for something fun, new, exciting, and challenging, Onewheel is the board for you !

See for yourself in this cool One wheel video :

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