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Indoor Snowboarding...No Snow Required

Learn snowboarding...indoors ! No snow, no mountains, no lifts, no cold ! Ski or snowboard all year round !

I first mentioned indoor skiing/snowboarding in my post about Ski Trac Dome.

It looks like skiing/snowboarding could really become an indoor pleasure. Around the world indoor ski centers take the slopes to skiers/boarders 365 days a year.

Skiing inside offers lots of advantages : infinite descent, suitable for all ages and levels,
minimal risk on injuries, indoors: no cold, no wind, no rain, efficient: no lifts, no waiting, great and fun work out !

Training with an indoor ski simulator allows you to hone your skills, develops your sense of balance, and enhances your endurance, coordination and reflexes. Curiously enough, children, as compared with adults, master the techniques of the skiing sports amusement much faster, starting with the basics.
I believe that beginners will especially benefit from indoor skiing/snowboarding.

Lessons are conducted in a safe and comfortable environment, one on one with a professional instructor ( which guarantees you full and uninterrupted attention ), the speed of "the slope" ( more like a treadmill ) is easily adjustable, and safe to fall down, no lifts to take, no walking uphill...

A neverending pleasure of wedeling, swinging and carving ....

Nevertheless the well known disadvantage of the indoor pleasure stays the same: it's not quite the great outdoors !

Another easy, and FAST way to learn snowboarding ?

Love adventure travel, fitness, and the great outdoors ?

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