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10 Ways To Make Money Biking

Personally, I believe that, nowadays, ANYBODY can make some extra money on the side pursuing their passion, or even turn it into a profitable business !

So, if you love biking, and looking for a way to support your passion, here I want to share with you my ideas of 10 ways to make money while biking:

1- Courier services/bike messenger

Believe it or not, some bike couriers/messengers in busy metropolitan areas like New Your make ... $50K a year (!).

Bike messengers are common in most big cities. They can avoid traffic, they are fast and flexible, and anyone can do it. Thanks to services like UberRUSH, UberEATS, or Postmates, all you need is a bike and a smartphone. But making a living as a bike messenger is not an easy job! Are you fast? Are you tough? Can you make enough money?

2 - Pizza delivery

Same as bike couriers, PLUS tips !  Love biking ? Love pizza ? It's a perfect combination ! The biggest perk ? FREE pizza every day you work !

3 - Pedicabs

Drive tourists around popular touristy destinations around your town in a pedicab. These big tricycles are a fun way for customers to avoid congestion and traffic while seeing a different side of a city.

Best part ? As a driver are an independent contractor, and you can negotiate the fare with your customers !
Big minus - dealing with individuals who are way too drunk to walk.

If you want to give pedicabbing a shot, you'll need to check whether your city requires a license. You could build your own pedicab, but it might be easier to look for local pedicabbing companies who will provide a ride.

4 - Become a PoleRider

POLERIDERS are trained professionals on a mission "to promote bicycle safety, raise awareness of the immense potential of pedal power and to bring pole dancing to the streets where dancing belongs".

In short - they're strippers... but as they say about themselves : "Just because you have high heels and you're on a pole, it doesn't mean you're doing anything raunchy."

5 - Sperm delivery by bike

Only available in Seattle, WA ( fun, and rare job opportunity but worth mentioning ).

Seattle has become the second city to showcase a ‘sperm bike’ making sperm deliveries from a sperm bank to fertility clinics. The European Sperm Bank, one of the largest in Europe and located in Copenhagen, Denmark- perhaps the world’s most bike-friendly city- made news reports globally after it began deliveries in a custom-designed bike with a cooling system built inside the ‘sperm head’ for storing tanks with sperm specimens.

6 - Bike mechanic

Not as much riding your own bike, as fixing somebody's ones. Set up your own "shop" in your garage, or work for REI (or any bike shop ). Must be knowledgeable about bike maintenance, or take one of many classes ( online as well as offline ) to learn "know hows".

7 - Teach "how to ride a bike"

Teach kids how to ride their first bike; adults, who missed on their "happy childhood". Believe or not, many parents are super happy to "outsource" this task to professionals, and many adults are happy to pay to avoid wasting time ( and getting hurt ! ) to learn how to ride a bike by watching Youtube.

If you've never taught anything, you might have no idea how frustrating it can be to teach somebody to do something. It takes knowledge, skills, experience, and most important - patience !

8 - Train amateur/professional cyclists how to get ready for a competition

Are you a competitive (professional or amateur ) rider ?
Then, there are people who'd be happy to pay you to get to your level !

9 - Biking Guide

Take tourists/adventure seekers on guided trips. Whether you like MTB, road biking, bike cruising... this is an excellent opportunity to combine your passion for biking, and travel !

10 - Buy/sell bikes on Craigslist

Make hard, un-taxed cash buying and selling on Craigslist.

I've been buying/selling outdoor gear ( including high priced road, MTB, fat, cruising, custom... bikes ) since 2002.

I you think Craigslist is dead, you have no idea what you're talking about !

With most Walmart/amazon bike priced at $100-300, and high end bikes start at $500, it's easy to make $100-200 cash EVERY MONTH !

The main requirement is to know EXACTLY which bikes/brands sell the best, and know HOW to sell on Craigslist ( which most people have absolutely NO idea ! ).

Want to learn how to buy/sell bikes ( and other outdoor gear ) on Craigslist ? CHeck out my new book here -  "How To Make $100 From Craigslist Every Month"


Want to start your own business with minimum investment, and work ?
Then, try affiliate marketing !

Promote your favorite bike brands, and their products through your website/blog, and social media channels, and whenever somebody makes a purchase through your affiliate links, the company will pay you commission !

You can learn more how EXACTLY to do that in my new Amazon book - "Start Your Own Online Fitness And Adventure Travel Business"

Just keep in mind that NONE of these ideas will work if you're not truly passionate about biking/cycling.

As I alway tell anybody who wants to start a business : "Do it with passion, or don't do it all"...

Want to turn your passion into a profitable business ? 
Visit our new website "ExtraHyperActive Network" to learn how you can do that...

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