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A new adventure sport - Zorbing.

Personally, I wouldn't call a sport, since you don't really do anything physically. But an adventure ? You bet !
...The only experience on your bucket list; The dream of dreams...the reality. The ride of your life.

I am talking about -Zorbing !

The word Zorbing ( sometimes known as Sphereing) entered the Oxford English Dictionary in 2001 where it was defined as: "a sport in which a participant is secured inside an inner capsule in a large, transparent ball which is then rolled along the ground or down hills".

Sounds pretty boring to me ( no wonder nobody reads those things anymore). But just like with other adrenaline sports, you won't get the essence of this sport until you actually try it. Let me give you a visual of this "adventure" :

It’s really a wild ride ! Don't know about you , but I would love to try that.
Unfortunately, just like with some other adrenaline sports ( river bugging, river surfing...) Washington doesn't have it...yet.

There are a few Zorbing facilities in U.S :

Smoky Mountains, Tennessee at the base of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

Amesbury, Massachusetts at the Amesbury Sports Park.

Ski Roundtop, Pennsylvania have recently opened.

Zorb is a universal means of transportation ( and I would add -the greenest), both on land and water :

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Mary said...

I absolutely had to re post this on Twitter and Facebook as well as my blog. I'm going to do this one day. It's awesome!