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Kite surfing - try it at home (not).

Kite surfing is going to be my next summer adventure. I've been planning to try kite surfing ( or is it kite boarding ?) for quite some time.

The main reason that stopped me from doing it in the past was the money. Just like many outdoor sports, kite surfing isn't cheap. Just to give it a try and take a lesson, would cost you about $300. And if you decide to stick to this sport, be ready to part with a hefty amount of money - up to $1000 ( for brand new set up ). And from my experience, in sports like kite surfing, diving, paragliding you don't really want "to save a few bucks" and go with something used.

Another reason I was putting it off was, well, it's not exactly the "safest" outdoor activity ( yes, I am a wuss, that's why I stick to hiking), where you can just gear up and you're ready to go.

But after watching this video, I've realized that "not safe" is the best part of kite surfing. Actually, it's the best part of any extreme sport:

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