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"Exploring" Washington by bike.

Has it ever happened to you: you plan to go hiking/biking/backpacking to one destination and then end up somewhere else? If you think about it, that's what adventure is all about- you don't know what awaits you.

I didn't know that a short bike trip to a nearby state park , would turn into a "biking journey". Well the word "journey" might be a bit strong, it's just after reading about all these "around the world/state expeditions" and other adventures, I've been itching to go on my own, event if it would be a short one. It's true what they say :" Be careful what you wish for".

Dash Point

It started as a short ride from my home in Federal Way to the Dash Point State Park, which is 7.9 miles one way. I've been there a couple times before ,and though I knew it was a very hilly area, I hoped it wouldn't be that bad. And it wasn't on the way to the park, but to get back...

No biking trails

View from the top of the park

Always have plan B ( or something like that ). I had a King County Bicycle map ( that I got for free at a library ) and according to it I could turn on an adjoining road and get back to Federal Way. I guess I missed it...

Soon, I found myself on Marine View Dr going towards Tacoma. I've been here before. If you are ever in this area, one must see/stop by place is the Cliff House. I would call it " The Jewel " of ..where ever I was. It doesn't look very impressive from outside, but inside... ( to be more exact, the outside of the inside). Besides panoramic views of Mt. Rainier, the Puget sound and the Tacoma city skyline, they feature amazing northwestern cuisine and regional wines. Fine dining wasn't on my plan , but I did stop for Happy Hour $3 beer.

It was getting late and I had to get back home before 8pm. But going up those hills..?
I decided to proceed further forward.
I think many explores were at the point where they kinda knew they were lost, but instead of turning back, they continued into "the unknown". Like Columbus (" Where the hell are we?" " Who cares. We've discovered something")

Port of Tacoma from HWY 509

If the first part of the trip was nice and enjoyable, can't say the same about biking along HWY 509 S. Besides pretty heavy traffic, the surrounding views are far from scenic. You pass by old recycling plants, dusty saw mill, rusty scrap yards...

Soon the sign points in the direction of City Center. That was my first time entering Tacoma from this direction. Right in front of you, you see Tacoma Dome, Glass Museum, Union Station. It's sure different than when you are in a car. Though, the smell ( "Tacoma aroma") is still the same.

Downtown Tacoma

I had two options" take HWY 99 back home, or take a bus to the FW transit station.
I chose the easy one. It's been a while since I took a bike on a bus, and I felt kinda nervous about handling that bike rack. But it all came back.

I honestly forgot, how much fun bike/bus commuting was. Good thing I had $ 2 for bus fare.

Now I have a new motto:" I can't get lost. Because I don't care where I'm going".

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