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Four scenic vintage train adventures in Washington.

Experience Washington's history and beautiful scenery of our state by taking a ride on one of these historic work horses.

The most popular and probably most scenic train ride in our state is the MRSR ( Mount Rainier Scenic Railroad ) - the longest continuously operating steam train railroad in the Pacific Northwest. Weekly excursion and tour trains depart beneath the snow white cap of Mount Rainier from the Museum and Restoration Shop in Mineral, WA. Pulled by vintage locomotives, passengers on the MRSR pass through forest and glen, next to clear mountain streams and over tall wooden trestles. The excursions are offered from Memorial Day till last weekend of September.

In the southern part of Washington, Chehalis-Centralia Railroad and Museum offers regular rides, Mystery Train rides, special events and even pumpkin rides.The trains operate over a nine mile section of track that extends southwest from Chehalis and run through scenic hills, farmland, and over several wooden trestles.The trains run weekends through Sunday, September 27th.

Probably the least known historic train ride in our state is located in Wickersham. The Lake Whatcom Railway is a living preservation of the Pacific Northwest's railway heritage. This train ride runs along the scenic shores of Lake Whatcom. Visitors will also have fun riding the 100 year old hand car.

My favorite ( mostly because of the proximity to my home) train ride is in the city of Snoqualmie, home of the Northwest Railway Museum. This five mile common carrier railroad allows museum visitors to experience a train excursion aboard antique railroad coaches through the Upper Snoqualmie Valley. The Snoqualmie Valley Railroad also offers many other Museum Programs including School Train, Santa Train, Day Out With ThomasTM, and the Running Trades and Maintenance of Way Volunteer Programs.

Do you want to learn more about the history of the Pacific Northwest railroads, get experience of an operating railroad, help restore and rehabilitate the historic trains ? Why not volunteer? All the above mentioned museums are always looking for people to assist with keeping the trains going! All the necessary "training" is provided! Positions include : maintenance shop help, machinist, painting, car host, conductor, engineer, trainman and more. This is an exciting way to spend your time volunteering !

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