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Have you tried river surfing?

I am always on a lookout for a new adventure or an outdoor sport that I would like to try. Sometimes it seems like there isn't anything new, original, interesting, adrenaline- full left. And every time I think that, I find something that raises my adrenaline and curiosity levels. I see it once, and that's it, I absolutely have to try it! Just like my recent discovery-river surfing.

River surfing is a growing sport among river towns in places like Colorado, Ontario, Alberta and Montreal. According to enthusiasts, it fosters "exactly the same feel as on an ocean wave," except that you carve along the water.Basically, with river surfing, instead of paddling out to the waves, you locate the safest stop to ‘drop in’ to the river, float downstream until you hit the desired current, and then quickly turn around, paddle against the current, and then get up and enjoy the wave.

A look at an exciting new sport called River Surfing:

From what I see, it's kind of like whitewater kayak surfing, except for:
- on the board, it will be much more difficult to keep you balance
-if you fall off, the consequences can be "a little scary"

Surfing a river wave is like doing acrobatics on a really fast treadmill.

This sport is definitely not for everybody, but I guess, with the proper training and enough persistence, you can learn the basics in no time.

Though river surfing is in its infancy, it continues to grow in popularity. Unfortunately, I couldn't find information on anybody doing river surfing in Washington, but I think it's just the matter of time, before ocean surfers in our state, switch to local rivers. It's closer than the driving to the coast, you don't have to depend on the swell level,and...YEAH, it's more challenging than ocean surfing.
Want a bet?

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Don Martin said...

It's much easier to sure river waves in a whitewater kayak! But this video rocks!!!!

ExtraHyperActive said...

I will find out ( this summer I am taking my WW kayaking lessons, and later...who knows, I might try to surf). Let me know if you know somebody who is willing to teach a beginner. I'd appreciate !( and will write a post about him !)