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Hidden Mountain Biking Trails in Black Diamond.

Thanks to one of my readers ( thanks Jeremy ),I found a great Mountain Biking destination not far away from my home, in Black Diamond. The trails are so little known that they really don't even have a name or a map. It's just a bunch of trails all linked to each other, not really marked, but it's hard to get lost there. They call them- Lake Sawyer Trails.

To Black Diamond Bike and Backcountry

One of the access points behind the shop.

The only way I was able to find those trails was because of the bike shop Jeremy told me about. "Black Diamond Bike and Backcountry " shop should be your first stop if you are going biking there for the first time. I stopped there to pick up a " map" of the trails, which turned out to be a printed list with a bunch of lines linked together. The map wasn't a big help, but just like I said, you don't really need one. What was really helpful, was the information the shop employees shared with me about the trails.

Coal Cart ( the gate is nearby)

One of the access points was right behind the shop, but event to find that access, one of the employees had to point it out for me. Another place to start your trip is by the gate,on the west side of the road. About 25 feet south from there is a little coal cart (if coming from the north and you've reached Black Diamond Bike Shop you are about 1/4 mile too far). I tried it from both points and I have to say that starting from the gate would be more pleasant, you will ride down the main gravel trail for a few hundred yards before entering the "rough area".

The main gravel trail

Once again, this ride wasn't really for me or my "mountain bike". The trail system is quite technical ( if I can use the Big Riders language). Lots of tree stumps,tight turns ,wooden bridges, thick, thorny bushes. Lucky for me, it was mostly a flat ride with only small hills up and down ( I am officially tired of pushing my bike up the hills). Why not for me? Just a few facts: the chain fell off the chain ring twice, handle bars twisted, went over my head "just" once, damaged my brakes, hit my head twice (thanks Costco for $ 10 helmet!), got covered with scratches from all those bushes. But all in all, I had a lot of fun! You can easily spend half of the day here and continually see new trails ( though sometimes it does feel like you go in circles). Another "bummer", I actually thought "demo bikes" would be free!? Silly me.

A lot of those on this trail.

No, I didn't bike over it. Wuss!

If you don't have a good mountain bike or thinking about buying one, then definitely buy it from a professional store! I bought mine from " GI JOE'S" , right before they went out of business, and I thought I got a good deal on my bike ($ 250 ?),but now I kind of regret about it. One thing for sure- I will keep trying to find a prefect trail for me (and my bike!).


Anonymous said...

You can find more information about the Lake Sawyer trails, and a decent map at evergreenmtb.org. That's where I get information about rides.

You might want to check out their Trails for Beginners section, too.

ExtraHyperActive said...

Thank you for the link!
evergreenmtb.org. is a great sourse for mountain bikers of all level. Now I will have more trails to explore!