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SUPing at Shilshole Bay in Seattle.

Stand Up Paddling is taking NW by storm. I personally found out about this "sport" just this summer and immediately fell in love. Not being able to go surfing regularly, I found SUP to be a great alternative. The biggest advantage of SUP? You don't have to travel to the coast to have a great time!

Washington is surrounded by water. Water is everywhere- Lake Washington, Commecement Bay, Hood Canal, Ballingham Bay,Elliot Bay- are just a few places you can go SUPing.
Another great thing about SUP in Seattle ? Sometimes a surf shop is just minutes away from the beach.

Just like Cheka-Looka surf shop, located in the beautiful Ballard area minutes away from The Ballard Locks and Golden Garden Park. Stop by the shop, grab a board, go across the street ,and Shilshole Bay is right there.

This Sunday the Cheka Looka shop held its next SUP race. About 20 plus people took part in that competition, followed by BBQ, music, dancing, and a beach clean-up. Winners in man and woman divisions were rewarded with a handsome prize provided by Patagonia.

I already wrote about how easy it is to get started with SUP. Any age, any fitness level, men, women, kids! suitable for this sport. Take advantage of the last weeks of worm weather and try SUP for yourself. Bring your friends and family, because SUP is really a social sport.

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