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Exploring the Olympic Peninsula : Hiking Dungeness Spit

Having ADD ( at least I suspect I have it :)) I am unable to focus on just one outdoor activity or stay at one place for a long time. So, after a nice , relaxing day at Port Townsend, I decided to head out to do something outdoorsy.

Dungeness Spit is considered to be one of Washington's best saltwater hikes.

Just 30 minutes drive from Port Townsend, The Dungeness National Wildlife Refuge can be found along the Dungeness Scenic Loop between Sequim and Port Angeles.

Sequim is a quaint little place to visit, and if it wasn't for this beautiful sign that welcomes you, I would just have missed it.

( Google images)

I heard about the Sequim Lavender Festival before ( though, never been a fan of " agricultural tourism " ) but didn't know that Sequim was the "Lavender Capital of North America" ( rivaled only in France).

I took the Dungeness Scenic Loop, but, honestly, didn't see much "scenery ". Got lost , and " found myself" at another Sequim' famous attraction - the Olympic Game Farm. As usual, pressed with time, I grabbed a souvenir ( " been there, done that "), and continued my trip to the Refuge ( which is only 10 minutes away !).

I read somewhere that this hike was " ideal for novice hikers...because it has no elevation gain...close to civilization with good restaurants nearby (?) ".

5 miles one way, hiking in sand, strong wind, non-hiking clothes ( who the hell hikes in jeans and cotton sweatshirts ? ) and on empty stomach ( damn those first timers !)...We didn't make it to the lighthouse...So sad. The day was gorgeous, and I was looking forward to taking a picture of me standing at the end of the spit.

One of the signs indicated that horseback riding was allowed on the designated horse trail through the uplands and the beach west of Dungeness Spit base. If you have any information about guided trips, please share with me ( I really love what they do at Ocean Shores ).

Later, I also found out that the waters of Sequim Bay were ideal for kayaking. Not sure, but may be it will be more fun kayaking those 5 miles rather than hiking.

And finally, have you ever wanted to live the life of a Lighthouse Keeper for a week ? For $ $260 - 350 a week you can. Visit The New Dungeness Light Station Association to find out more details.

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