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My second year at Alpental

The time flies fast . The ski season in our state flies even faster.

Just two months ago, I started my second season at Alpental working as a ski instructor, and this weekend we already had a graduation party !

The Summit at Snoqualmie offers consecutive week lesson programs for kids of all ages and abilities, lasting from four to ten weeks. The lessons take place at the same time, same place and generally with the same instructors and same group of students.
My personal opinion about this program ? It delivers results !

With meticulously designed, step-by-step "daily plans ", the low kids-to-instructor ratio ( usually 4:1), experienced, qualified, child friendly instructors, safe and fun environment - makes this program one of the best programs in our state. The instructors lead the children through the appropriate level throughout the lessons and present them with their badge ( new level ), a gift certificate and prizes at the end of the program.

I want to congratulate all my students with successfully achieving their next level, thank all of them for being such a great , tight group of friends, and hope I will see you guys next year ! I am really proud of you !


Casey Knopik said...

I love the random mascot guy. That's awesome. Now the question is, does he ski down the hill like that? :)

ExtraHyperActive said...

As a matter of fact, he does ! He took the chairlift with us to the top of Armstrong, and skied all the way down...

Anonymous said...

Kyle had a wonderful time and learned so much. Thank you for being such a great teacher. We will look for you on the hill next year! Janet Hoffman

ExtraHyperActive said...

Thanks Janet !
I had a blast myself ( being rewarded with four awesome boys! ).
I think that the results are important ( for parents, that's what they pay for ), but for kids having fun is the biggest motivator to keep coming back to Alpental and becoming a lifelong skiers.
Thanks again !