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Downhill longboarding

When I got my Sector 9 longboardI imagined myself casually cruising along Alki beach in the summer or Tacoma's waterfront , may be getting a good work out on one of many bicycle trails that our state has to offer, or even commuting to work (?).

But after I'd watched this video I felt...sad. Though longboards are commonly used for cruising, transportation, and even long distance travel (!), downhill racing is the most extreme form of longboarding ( which I'll probably never get to try) :

Downhilling is also the most expensive form , because the trucks and decks are highly specialized for extreme speeds ( these boards can easily handle speeds of 30 mph +). You will also need to invest in a full-face helmet. When you are bombing hills fast in a speed tuck you don't want to settle for a regular skateboarding helmet that is not going to protect your face when your chin goes smashing into the ground. Slide gloves allow the rider to de-weight their board and push their wheels fully sideways, giving the ability to stop really fast at the drop of a hat. And finally, a full leather suit that might save you a little skin.

Downhill skateboarding is all about being mentally tough since skating those giant hills is not a walk in the park.

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