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My type of woman ?

God has made women to be loved and has endowed her with many qualities that men seek.

4 qualities that men usually seek in women:

The Movements - men are attracted by the way a woman walks.
The Hair - while this may seem to be an exaggeration the long, soft and silky hair of women plays a long part in attracting men.
The Eyes & Lips- women can convey many things without speaking a word just by their smile and the look of their eyes.
The Body- women, dressed in clothes that enhance her figure are more likely to attract men than those who do not( and without clothes- even more likely:).

Am I missing something ? Did you say being intelligent, logical, punctual,direct ? Perhaps...

But how about having a sense of adventure, being driven, may be even dangerous, daring ? I know I'd love to meet a woman like that. A woman like Steph Davis- a climber, BASE jumper, wingsuit pilot and ...she has those 4 core qualities ( she's hot !):

Steph Davis: So In Control from Prana Living on Vimeo.


Adayak said...

No doubt Steph kicks some serious ass and looks good doing it.

ExtraHyperActive said...

I know ! If she was just a climber -she would be OK, if she was just a BASE jumper- that would be impressive, but both ?! This was actually the first time I saw anybody doing that. Does she climb solo ?