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Mountain boarding ( sort of ) Mount Si

I am obsessive-compulsive ( or just obsessive). If I want something I will always get it. As soon as I saw the first video of mountain boarding I knew I wanted to try it.

Couldn't afford a brand new MBS Atom 95X so I got something cheaper - MBS Jeep Renegade Mountain Board for just $80 ( with a hand break ) !

I figured , it's a mountain board, it belongs in the mountains. So I took it to the nearest " mountain " - Mount Si.

If you are an avid hiker or an "outdoorsman ", you've probably "done " that mountain. If not, shame on you. Not only this is one of the most challenging peaks along I-90, it's also, sort of, a local land mark ( it was featured in a popular TV show " Twin Peaks " ). In short, it's a great hike !

Great for hiking. Not so great for mountain boarding ( or even hiking with a mountain board for that matter).

MBS Jeep Renegade Mountain Board weighs about 16 lbs, plus a hydration pack, plus rocks, stumps, stairs, snow, 3700 feet vertical elevation ( can be wrong here )= ...very unpleasant trip.

The only cool thing about the trip was people I met along the way. You should have seen their reaction ! : " What are you going to do with that thing ?" , "Are you going to ride it down ?" , " What is that thing ? "

Next time I will find something easier to ride . Wide logging road or a grassy hill, or may be a BMX park.

Any suggestions ? Dare to try ?


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