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Best zip lines in U.S and around the world

The first time I heard about ziplining/ziptrekking was from a friend of mine, who just got back from his trip in Costa Rica. Since then, ziplining for me, was in many ways synonymous with that country. Gliding on steel zip lines from platform to platform high in the treetops at astounding 100 miles per hour ( the maximum speed known for any existing zip-line in the world is in South Africa) sounds like a thrilling adventure.

After I did my ziptekking in Whistler last year...I was a bit disappointed. Don't get me wrong, I love Whistler ( especially in winter) ! But as an "outdoor adventure " ? It was ...just OK.

But it doesn't mean I wouldn't do it again...somewhere else.

National Geographic Traveler lists three best zip lines around the globe, including the famous South African's "Unreal " Extreme Adventure Slide:

If you can't afford a trip to South Africa ( or Costa Rica, or China ), there are many zip lines across US that not only offer a great adventure, but will also save you money. Read here about companies that offer ziplinig in Atlanta, California, Utah, Colorado and New England.

Also, you might be surprised to find out that we might have our own zip line in Washington....

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