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Bike RVing/bike campers

When I wrote " RVing just got a whole new meaning " post, I thought those inventions ( camper bike, bike motorhome, bike trailer house ) were very creative, amusing and somewhat practical. Though, if you read the post, you'll realize that motorhome and bike trailer house were created out of necessity rather than for recreational purposes.

But reading a post on Daylife, I've realized that very soon we will see those " bike campers " all around us ( and they won't be paddled by homeless and poor people).
The mini travel trailer study by German producer Dethleffs weighs 80 kg and includes a bed and a small kitchen and is the most eco-friendly camper.

Though, on the picture, the bike is electric assist comfort bike, I am sure it can be towed behind a human powered mountain/road bike.

In my opinion, this is a brilliant idea ...when you find yourself in a desperate, "Apocalypses" situation : no money, lost your job, your home....( well, only if you bought it before all that happened to you).

For recreational purposes ? I can't even picture myself biking with that camper behind on city roads. Can you ?


Unknown said...

That is SWEET!! I could imagine doing a very long trip on with this.

Install some solar grids, and this would make the perfect basecamp for a photography trip down the coast.

I wonder how it handles hills!

ExtraHyperActive said...

That was my first thought ( long distance, may be even cross country travel).

But I simply can't imagine towing that "camper" behind my bike riding along our "crazy drivers" infested roads.