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Tandem Windsurfing

Some of the outdoor activities/action sports/adventures are impossible to try without special training and equipment/gear. But there are always options, alternatives. You don't have to be a paragliding pilot to try tandem paragliding, and you don't need to invest tons of money and hours of training to do your first tandem skydiving jump.

Till recently, I've always thought about windsurfing as a solo sport, but this video changed everything about my windsurfing experience

Starboard Gemini Tandem claims that you can take out a total beginner on a smaller sail on the front of this one and they can enjoy the rush of planing without all the hard work!

A tandem board allows complete newbies to experience the thrill of sailing without the common frustrations of learning. They can watch and imitate more experienced sailor while getting instant feedback from the board.

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