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The tallest climbing wall in the world.

The first time I saw a free standing climbing wall was at Super Mall in Auburn. It's about 25' tall, designed mostly for kids, but now and then you'll see some wussy adult trying to get a quick thrill or a teenage boy trying to impress his girlfriend.

US Army uses mobile climbing walls during recruitment, training and promotional events ( somehow , it's not that lame when the army is involved, so I climbed that one during Army Strong Fitness Expo last year ).

But I can't imagine how much fun it can be to climb something like this:

Called “Excalibur”, and standing 121 feet tall with a 36-foot overhang, it's the tallest climbing wall in the world. Though, it looks pretty intimidating, there are routes for climbers of all levels.

The wall is a part of a climbing gym in the Netherlands town of Groningen. I guess not everything "best, biggest, and tallest" made in US.

For better pictures, visit Adventure Journal blog ( it's even more impressive in larger pictures).

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