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The Beauty Of Longboarding

Just about 6 years ago longboarding was a relatively new sport/outdoor activity. Back then, there were less than a dozen companies that were selling longboards. Because longboarding basically originated from surfing, longboard skateboards first became popular among surfers.

A desire for a longer, smoother riding board led to the creation of the modern longboard. On days when the surf was low or it was too rough to go into the water, the surfers could continue to ride longboards.

The huge response to snowboarding in the 1990s also helped bring back longboarding. Many snowboarders turned to the longboarding in the spring and summer months when there was no snow. The 1990s saw an explosion of boarder culture and interest in all sorts of boarding.

I was probably one of the first people who started longboarding around Washington state. My first board was a beat up original Sector 9. But even on that old board, it was cool, relaxed, enjoyable ( not to mentione great workout ! ) to ride a longboard.

While I was using my longboard mainly for cruising around to have a great workout, there are different styles of longboarding.

"Feel the Hill" film  was one of the first films that introduced longboards, and its different styles to general public. Since downhill longboarding remains the most exciting style ( which what basically made longboarding popular ), the film features other styles, such as slalom and dancing, in a very beautiful and creative way.


Anonymous said...

Very nice to get our sports such a great visibility :D
In fact, cruising is part of the movie, but it has been called "travelling" if I remember...

ExtraHyperActive said...

I fell in love with longboarding last year, and I think it will be as popular as SUPing very soon !

I intend to promote it's popularity in our state among young adults, focusing mainly on cruising/land paddling...