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How to teach a 4 year old snowboarding

You mean the hard way or the easy way ?

The easiest, hassle free way is to sign him/her up with an 8 consecutive week lesson program at your local ski area. Drop off your kid in the morning, pick him up two hours later, repeat in the afternoon. No stress, no worries, and you can ski/snowboard freely while his is learning.

How do they call the hard way ?
Tough love, every father's nightmare ( or as I like to call it "every kid's nightmare" ), stoic approach...?

But there is another way...
The Yibb, is a training tool that can be mounted on a board so the kids can learn to ride without puts and use the whole body to turn...

Invented by a design agency in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, Atomic sells the product under the name “PIQ Training Bar” in US. So chances are, you will not (yet) find the Yibb/ PIQ Training Bar in many retail shops ( or on Amazon ). The suggested retail price was EUR 169...in US $$$ it would be ehhh...

P.S : I think it's a great product, wish I could buy for myself, but browsing Atomic.com web site I couldn't find anything about the Yibb/ PIQ Training Bar.

If you're still looking for ways for you little ones ( or yourself ! ) to learn snowboarding, try Kahuna Snow Paddle Stick !

Check out this post to see how it works !

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