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If your kid is a Flaik...

...you know, like a snowflake...or like a regular flake.

Flaik is a GPS device that allows ski resorts to track children, who have enrolled in a ski or snowboard school, in case they get lost or separated from their ski school class. A technician monitoring the GPS system is able to inform ski instructors immediately when one of their kids goes missing as well as inform them exactly where the child is on the mountain.
The device is strapped to a student's leg, and if a student moves beyond a certain distance from his instructor, it sends out an automatic alert.

Sounds like a great idea, but I have a feeling I've already seen it somewhere. Oh, that's right on my own ankle.

I think it will be cheaper for parents just to strap any ( electronic ) device to their kids' arm/leg and say : " If you venture beyond a certain distance, it will go Kaboom ! "

On the plus side: Flaik also gives riders the ability to monitor personal performance such as speed, distance, altitude and airtime. Something somebody can find useful. Not me.

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