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Learn how to fly a Wingsuit

I mostly write about sports and adventures that I personally get to try. I've already dropped like a rock ( tandem skydiving ), soared like an eagle ( paragliding ) and floated like a butterfly (or sailed like a ship ? parasailing ). Now, I want to fly (?) like a bird...

OK, not to confuse you anymore, I am talking about wingsuit flying here. And unlike speed riding ( which won't be available to general public in US for sometime), there is a pretty good chance for anybody to try wingsuit flying...as soon as you get minimum ... 200 sky diving jumps. After that you can fly like a bird ( or like Superman, if you're a nerd with adrenaline addiction ).

A number of skydiving companies in US offer wingsuit classes. They can take you through all the steps. From rigging up a suit, to all pre-flight and in-flight procedures, in accordance with the international standards for wingsuit training. Also they'll fly along on your first jump and will shoot a cool video of you wingsuit flying !

Even if you've never jumped out of a plane before, if you commit to the goal of flying ( or as I try to emphasize in this blog - ANY GOAL IN YOUR LIFE ), you can make it happen !

When I was doing my search for how and where to learn to fly a wingsuit, I came across this site Fly Like Brick , and their best advice to anyone wanting to fly a wingsuit would be... jump and have fun! I think it's a great advice !

Until then, watch this beautiful video

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