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Mountain boarding BPA trail in Federal Way

We expected La Nina to be pretty intense, with temperatures in the single digits and lot's of snow in the mountains. But I don't think anybody ( including Seattle officials ) expected snow in November, and arctic weather in December. Washington State and Federal Way in particular got snow off and on. The weather was so frigid that the snow didn't melt away for a few weeks.

I, personally, had no problem with that. The next day after the snow fall, I headed out to BPA trail in Federal Way, one of the best places in our state for hiking, biking, and now, my favorite place for mountain and longboarding.

The total length of the trail is about 3.6 miles. It follows an electric lines corridor, switchbacking its way up and down the hills. While paved portion of the trail is great for both cruising and downhill longboarding, a few dirt hills are "good enough" for mountain boarding.

I say " good enough " because the trails are either too steep or too narrow ( at least for beginners like me ). The runs are short, but fun.

I've been mountain boarding on BPA trail since last summer, and found it a great alternative to snowboarding. When I don't feel like driving for an hour to the Summit, I get my downhill fix on that trail.

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