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Newbie at the Summit at Snoqualmie Terrain Park

At the end of last ski season I “discovered” for myself a terrain park located at Summit Central. By that time I had been snowboarding for just under two years, and felt a bit intimidated by all those jibs (fixture which can be ridden with the board/skis either parallel or perpendicular to ground : rails, boxes, trees…), plus, occupied mostly by teenagers, it didn’t feel like I was fitting in.

Before, I’d watched a few Youtube videos and was absolutely stoked by what those kids could do. They make riding rails look as easy as walking down the street. I thought I was ready to take my “snowboarding skills” to the next level.

The very first fixture looked pretty decent: low to the ground, wide and flat, it didn’t look dangerous at all. As it turned out, “table top “ ( and that’s what it was ) is the most common feature at a terrain park where many injuries occur… After landing on my back and regaining conscious…I was hooked!

To ride at the Summit Central Terrain Park you will need a pass. It’s really easy to get one: just go to ski patrol office , watch a safety movie for about 20 minutes, and then you can either opt for a one day free pass or purchase a season pass for $ 5. If you get a day pass, you’ll have to watch the same movie the next time you’ll want to ski/snowboard at the park. So, it’s more time effective just to buy one.

My biggest disappointment is that there are no “official” classes to learn all this “cool stuff”. Last year I wrote a post about the Barn, the first indoor ski and snowboard training facility at Copper Mountain Resort, CO. I wish we had something like this in Washington.

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