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Winter surfing La Push

People are surprised to know that there is "surfing" in Washington state. They are even more surprised to know that the best surfing happens early spring/autumn. Though, sometimes North Pacific storms brew up giant swells ( up to 20ft), mostly the waves are pretty small ( 2-3 feet). That's what I found during my trip to La Push this winter for annual La Push Pummel.

For me , the trip was more about "discovering" that area for myself rather than actual surfing. I haven't traveled along HWY 101 for a long time, and the event was a great opportunity to drive along that truly scenic road.

I'd definitely call La Push/Forks area one of Washington's best getaways. Since the "Twilight boom" the area is swamped with fans, and the local Visitor Information Center even offers "Twilight map". But even if you are not a Twilight fan, there is a lot to do and to see around the area - Hoh Rain Forest, Kalaloch/Ruby Beaches, Ozette/Crescent Lakes, waterfalls and hot springs.

As usual, I was short on time, and since the weather that day was not as promised, I had time for just one quick dip, and it was worth 4 hour drive !

That was my first time surfing/visiting La Push/Forks are, and like I've just said, it's definitely a weekend ( if not week long ! ) getaway.

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crown lanta said...

I have been to one of the La Push Pummels there years ago. Surfing in Washington is great, though I rarely see surfers there. They must be more interested in Twilight as you said.