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Deploy or die : Helmet-Cam Footage of an Airbag Deployment

As you might know one of my goals for this winter was "to get into backcountry", to go either skiing or snowshoeing. "Almost made it happen" , but due to "government shutdown" our trip to Hurricane Ridge was canceled.

Right before the tip I was looking for "backcountry essentials" ( beacon, probe and shovel ) at REI , when I saw something called "Avalung".

Since recently, it's considered to be an important part of backcountry essentials. A story in Adventure Journal, this January, "convinced" us of its effectiveness. The video below shows a backcountry skier buried in an avalanche for almost 5 minutes while wearing a Black Diamond Avalung:

Recently, on Elevation Outdoors I came across another cool video, this time it was helmet-cam footage of another "backcountry gadget" - Float 30 Avalanche Airbag:

Videos like this one make me doubt if I really want to venture into backcountry at all...

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