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The Difference Between Snowskates And Training Snowboards

I bought my Landyachtz snowskate this winter, and had a lot of fun snowskating at both Summit Central and Alpental. As I mentioned in my first post, snowdecks ( the ones that don't have edges and a leash ) are not allowed on CHAIRLIFTS, due to "safety reasons". Apparently, because snowdecks don't have edges and a leash, if "they happen to get away from you and head downhill, it will make them a lethal weapon" ???? Insurance, liability problems, resort's rules...I understand all that, but...

Last Sunday I took my 3 year old to Summit Central, to learn how to snowboard.
I had Paricon Sceptor Snowboard.

It's a great little training plastic board just for kids to learn how to snowboard and to have fun. It doesn't have bindings, kids don't have to wear boots, and thus, don't waste their time strapping in/out. In my opinion, this snowboard makes learning a bit less intimidating, faster, and more fun.

Paricon Sceptor Snowboard is a training snowboard, NOT a snowskate. It's made out of plastic, and it doesn't have edges or a leash, but...

We were practicing on a bunny hill, by the Magic Carpet when a "liftie" ( chairlift/Magic Carpet attendant ) started screaming at me saying that it was a snowskate and it wasn't allowed ON THE MOUNTAIN.

When his "supervisor" got involved, I tried to explain the difference between a snowskate and a training snowboard, but the kid didn't even want to listen to me. I also tried to point out that we were not trying to go on a chairlift or Magic Carpet. He also seemed to have a problem that we were not paying customers.

When we moved away from Magic Carpet, "the resort" ( or to be exact - the resort's representative ) had no problems with rules, regulations, liabilities...

My son had a lot of fun learning how to snowboard, but my day was ruined. The situation clearly showed how just one/two employees can "misrepresent" the whole resort.

It also shows that many operators/ski areas follow the same pass with snowskates as they did with snowboarding. I hope that this time, they will recognize the trend faster, and will make the right decision.

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