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Bike To Work ...with a stripper on your trailer

My bad. They are not strippers or even exotic dancers. As they say themselves: " Just because you have high heels and you're on a pole, it doesn't mean you're doing anything raunchy."

Let me introduce you- POLERIDERS, trained professionals on a mission "to promote bicycle safety, raise awareness of the immense potential of pedal power and to bring pole dancing to the streets where dancing belongs".

Till recently, I thought that the coolest bike jobs were bike messenger and bike guide. But working as a pole rider sounds way cooler !

As the name implies, Pole Riders, dance on poles attached to specially-designed cargo bikes.
Don't get it wrong. It's all legal. The cops can't really do anything - he is riding his bike and she's ...exercising.

So, next time you are in NYC, skip Hustler, and rent your own stripcycle. This way you'll combine "adult entertainment" with a few hours of sightseeing.


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