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What Is Freebording ?

For some reason, that's how it's spelled "freebord" - skateboard/snowboard type board with six wheels ( two spring locked castor wheels on the central axis, and four slightly raised conventional wheels ), and 2 foot bindings that look like handles cut in half for you to stick your feet under.

They say "freebording" is the closest you can get to snowboarding on the pavement. Unlike longboarding or mountain boarding, freebording allows you much more versatility with tricks like on the ground 360 spins and carving.

Recently I bought an old school Alpha 112cm Freebord. It doesn't have binding, pretty heavy and hard to carve. After a few tries, I gave up and decided to find a newer model which is suppose to be lighter and more maneuverable.

But I've got to admit, using a freebord is much easier to slide comparing to a longboard, and faster than a mountain board.

This board sport has blown up in places like Europe and Japan and after watching this video you'll see why :

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