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Never Too Old For Longboarding

In my post " Never Too Old For Adventure", I wrote about 67 year old Doris Matyasovich, a competitive MTB ( mountain biking ) racer, and Poul Rasmussen from Denmark, who learned to kiteboard early in his 80's, and many others who, despite their age, keep seeking adventure and new things to try.

Recently, I came across an article in San Francisco Chronicle about Lloyd Kahn, who started longboarding at the age 65 after he borrowed a board from his son's friend.

He finds longboarding, not only fun, but also challenging, both for his body and brain. As he says : "...it's good for the brain to be learning a new skill at my age."

He admits that there's also the element of danger or pain, but safety gear has come a long way and nowadays even older folks can pick up a hobby like longboarding with minimum risk.

Lloyd wants to encourage people who skated when they were young and gave up to get back into it, and I dare you to give it a try if you've never done it before !

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