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Off road parasailing

I am in Tampa, FL right now, and one of the most popular beach activities here is parasailing. I tried parasailing last year in Tacoma, and it was spectacular !

I think parasailing is one of those activities that you won't do on a regular basis, but doing it at different locations offers a more memorable experience.

Flying 600 feet high above the emerald waters of the Gulf of Mexico is relaxing and will offer an ariel view you will never forget.

Flying 200 high feet over hardened desert while being dragged behind a 4x4 truck is ... terrifying and there is a chance that the land will be a little less forgiving than water.
...off-road parasailing is an extreme sport for extremely few on this continent despite the relative ease and safety of traditional on-water parasailing. Off-road parasailing involves a person being towed behind a vehicle in a specially designed parachute/sail at speeds fast enough to cause the chute to lift. Unlike the most common form of parasailing, off-roaders use 4x4 trucks instead of boats....

I came across this post on Jalopnik about off-road parasailing, so far these are the only images available about this new "extreme adventure". But I am pretty sure "off road parasailing" might become a mainstream "sport" some day...

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