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Mountain Biking Devil's Gulch in Leavenworth

What I love about Leavenworth is that it's truly an ultimate adventure travel destination. There is literally nothing you can't do here any time of the year. No matter how often I come here I always find something new to do/see...

This time I came here for a mountain bike ride on Washington's one of the most popular mountain biking trails - Devils Gulch.

As usual I'm not providing any details as directions/trail description can be easily found online.

I just want to notice that this is definitely not a "beginner friendly" trail. Riding 11 miles, roughly 4200' ft uphill is a killer ! The best way to ride these trails is using a shuttle system, leaving one car at the bottom and driving the other to the top. Also, because parts of the trail skirt along the edge of drop offs, this trail is probably best left to the advanced bike riders.

Though, they say that 90% of Devils Gulch Trail users are mountain bikers, this is a multiuse trail; hikers, horseback riders, and even dirt bikers are seen here.

According to many sources, the Devils Gulch Trail is one of the top — if not the top — mountain bike rides in Washington. And I guess if you do this trail as a downhill ride only, it might be pretty awesome. But for me it was the last time I pushed my bike uphill. To hell with that "mountain biking crap"...I'll be waiting for Stevens Pass Bike Park to be open or go back to Duthie Hill

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