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Paddleboarding With Sharks

Do you watch "Shark Week" on Discovery Channel ?

One of the episodes called " Great White Invasion " featured Chris Fallows SUPing alongside a 14-foot great white shark.

With that "stunt" Fallows, who is regarded as an expert in shark behavior, wanted to prove that sharks are mostly "curious harmless animals".
Said Fallows: "To prove this point I have free-dived, paddle-boarded, body-boarded and kayaked with them, as well as being dragged on a sled less than 15 feet from a breaching great white. In essence, I have done pretty much everything that a shark is likely to encounter in the form of a human. In virtually all instances the sharks chose to ignore me and it was often a battle to get them to come close."
We all remember the names of other "experts" in wild animals/marine predators ...and what happened to them...

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