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Wakeboarding at ... a Coal Mine

I think the time of GoPro and shaky amateur videos has long gone ( I really hope so ). Nobody wants to see another ski/surf/wakeboard/climbing Youtube video. You can do it, we got it. Now tell us a story.
How was it ? Where was it ? Any details ?

That's what today's videos ( aka documentaries ) are designed to do. Tell a beautiful, inspiring story appealing not just to hard core/wanna be athletes, but also to an Average Joe.

Before I saw a video of Dominic G├╝hrs and Frederic von Osten - two wakeboard pros, shredding a beautiful glacier lake somewhere in Austria. This time, Red Bull sends them to "The Zollverein", known as “the world’s most beautiful coal mine” and today the most famous industrial monument and center of the creative industry in the Ruhr area.

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