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Why Try Snowskating ?

I've had my Artec Snowskate for less than a season, but I'm absolutely loving it !

Snowskating is still relatively new to most ski areas around Washington, and that's why most people's reaction is : " What the hell is this ? "

Even snowboarders ( who are suppose to be "open minded " ) would say : " Why can't you be normal, and just stick to snowboarding ? ", forgetting that just a few years ago they were looked down on by skiers, and considered "not normal", and that snowboarding was prohibited on many slopes ( and that's exactly what is happening to snowskting right now ).

I've never been one of those people who tries to prove that one thing is better than the other, and here I'm not trying to say that snowskating is better than snowboarding ( or skiing ). I just want to point out a few advantages that snowskates have :

- I can wear any shoes
- I don't waste my time strapping in and out, thus...
- I don't freeze my butt while doing it
- I walk to a chairlift and get off of one like a human being ( without hopping like a kangaroo ),
- It's super light to carry around
- I can share it with my son who's learning how to snowboard/snowskate
- We can use it as a sled

But the main ones are- it's New, it's Different, it's Challenging

And just like everything new it takes time to learn, and learning...

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