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Keep Yourself Warm Between Ski Runs With ...Snuggie

I've never thought I'd actually wear one !
I've always thought that Snuggie was the choice of bored and desperate housewives.

I bought one for my son to wear early in the morning when the car is not yet warmed up. While driving him to school, Snuggie would keep him warm and comfortable to catch a few extra minutes of those sweet dreams.

The last few days the snow was dumping in and around Seattle, and though after two days it stopped in the city, it continued in the mountains.

Honestly, I'm not a big fan of NW snow weather : the snow is usually wet, it's always cold when it snows, with that piercing wind that numbs your face and turns your gloves into solid ice.

Just like everybody else, usually I just turn on my car and wait for the heater, but this time I turned around and saw my son's Snuggie...

Within minutes I felt warm and dry ( except for my feet that were still in my ski boots ), and unlike using a sleeping bag or a blanket, with Snuggie I could use my hands to make myself a snack and pour a cup of hot coffee.

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