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Why take kiteboarding lessons from a school ?

Kiteboarding is an awesome and a very addictive sport ! I got hooked after the first Youtube video I watched, and, being ExtraHyperActive, I couldn't wait to get started.

But unfortunately, my first experience was quite disappointing.

First, you realize that kiteboarding is a very weather dependent sport. A big part of your introduction to kiteboarding is learning the local weather and checking your local forecasts. Just because the wind is blowing doesn't always mean it's good conditions for kiteboarding. Most people learning how to kiteboard get frustrated waiting for the right conditions. There are many factors and variables that affect your learning experience, such as wind speed, changing weather conditions, tides and currents, and more. Part of the learning process is learning the wind and weather, and also developing the patience to wait for the right conditions.

Second, you realize that this isn’t a sport that you can go out and “just try it” on your own. More than that, even after taking a lesson there is no guarantee you'll be able to "take it from here".

I learned it the hard way...

Learning how to kiteboard is dangerous. Injuries and even deaths have been the result of not understanding the potential power a kite can have. After my Level 2 lesson, I took a trip to the Columbia Gorge where I almost drowned while trying to "kiteboard in the mighty Columbia River". After that I'd decided not to push my luck anymore and to take another lesson. Kiteboarding lessons can provide the environment where a beginner can learn to kiteboard safely and efficiently.

Third, kiteboarding gear can be very expensive. It makes good financial sense to try kiteboarding before investing in the kiteboarding equipment. When first learning how to kiteboard, the kite can go through some major crashes. If you’re using the school’s gear, you won’t have to trash your own kite during this learning phase. Kite repair and bladder replacement can be expensive. This also gives you a chance to test different kite brands and various bar setups to find one that works better for your style.

And finally, your progress depends on several factors, including your athletic ability/ background, the ability to listen, and you ability to learn something new, but most important - kiteboarding requires a lot of practice.

Kiteboarding is a complex, but rewarding sport. There really is nothing like it. By deciding to take lessons, you can make the process of learning how to kiteboard fun, affordable, easy and exciting !


Ludwig said...

Thanks for your very helpful input. It has helped me understand the neccessary step by step process in learning kiteboarding.

ExtraHyperActive said...

Welcome ! Glad you found it helpful !

scott said...

School recommendations in the Seattle area?

ExtraHyperActive said...

Urban Surf in spring/summer or Bellingham Kiteboarding all year round...

My advice, before shelling out $200-300, decide for yourself what exactly you want to get out of your lesson.

After Level 2 you should feel comfortable with: assisted launch, water relaunch ( in shallow water ), body drag, self rescue ( at least ).